Canoe/Kayak Lessons and Guided Paddle Trips


2017 Canoe & Kayak Paddle Trip Schedule

Beginners' Canoe/Kayak Lessons



This class is geared towards paddlers who have never been in a canoe or kayak before and would like to begin venturing into the world of paddling. This class will cover the basics of maintaining safety and stability while entering and exiting the canoe or kayak as well as basic paddle strokes and techniques for maneuvering and propelling your vessel. This class will take place in the in the still water of Vermilionville’s Petit Bayou where paddlers can practice their paddle strokes in the safety of our pond. The cost is $7 per person; this covers our vessel rental fee and paddle guide/instructor fee. Max capacity is 20 persons per class no exceptions. Class times 9:00 am – 11:00 am, we will meet at Vermilionville (300 Fisher Road, Lafayette, LA 70508). To register, click here, or contact Greg at or call 337-233-4077 ext. 215.


July 8

September 9

Intermediate Canoe/Kayak Lesson & Guided Paddle Trip


This paddle is geared towards the paddler who has some previous paddle experience. If you are not quite comfortable yet with venturing into the water alone, or would like to add to your repertoire of paddle strokes this is the class for you. This class will reinforce the importance of safety and stability while getting into and out of the canoe or kayak as well as cover a few more advanced paddle strokes so you can learn to better control the course of your vessel while maneuvering in the current of the Bayou Vermilion. For this paddle trip a motorized safety vessel will be following the group to provide added security. The cost is $12 per person; this covers our vessel fee, paddle guide/instructor fee, and our American Canoe Association insurance fees. Please arrive at Vermilionville (300 Fisher Road, Lafayette, LA 70508) for 8:00 am. To register, click here, or contact Greg at or call 337-233-4077 ext. 215.

July 29

August 26

September 23

October 7

November 11

December 9

Advanced Canoe/Kayak Guided paddle trip

This downstream paddle trip is geared towards experienced groups of paddlers who can get on the water and paddle with total confidence and no assistance. Participants are asked to meet at Vermilionville at 8:00 am on the morning of the paddle and car pool to the embarking location at the Acadiana Park Nature Station. At 9:00 am the paddlers leave the Nature Station and will paddle downstream for approximately 3.5 hours and will take out at Vermilionville. The cost is $40 per person and includes vessel & gear rental, guide fee and ACA insurance fees, lunch buffet upon return at Vermilionville's restaurant (La Cuisine de Maman), and entry into the Vermilionville's Sunday Dance. A minimum group size of 10 persons is required for the trip to go out. Maximum group size 16. You must register in advance to secure your spot by clicking here. For more information, contact Greg at or at 337-233-4077 ext 215.


October 22

November 26

Paddle trips and lessons may be canceled due to inclement weather. In winter months, a combined water and air temperature must be equal to or greater than 120 degrees FAHRENHEIT for paddle trips to go out.