Home Sewer System Inspections


BVD’s Water Quality Department is currently working with the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) with on-site sewer system inspections, education and outreach with the goal of improving the water quality in the Vermilion River. The home sewer inspections are taking place in the Coulee Mine watershed which includes parts of Scott, Carencro, Lafayette and unincorporated areas. These inspections began in July 2017 and will cover about 944 addresses. Inspections will focus on systems with aerobic treatment units. Inspectors will be checking the electrical connection to the aerator motor, sludge levels in the tank, and condition of the tank discharge. The homeowner will be notified of passed or failed inspection and what needs to be repaired if the system is not working properly. This project is funded, in part by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  

For more information, please contact Bayou Vermilion District’s Department of Water Quality at (337) 769-7283 ext. 2.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

How Do Mechanical Sewer (aerobic treatment ) units work?

What is an aerobic treatment unit?

Why do I need to maintain my aerobic treatment unit?

How do I properly maintain my aerobic treatment unit?

"Do's" and "Don't's" of Mechanical Sewer Systems

Additional Information


For detailed information on parish and state ordinances and codes as it pertains to individual sewage treatment systems, please refer to:


Louisiana Administrative Code

Title 51 Public Health – Sanitary Code Part XIII. Sewage Disposal

Chapter 7



Lafayette Consolidated Government Unified Development Code

Article 3. Utilities

(d) Sewage (3) f. Regulation of Individual Sewage Treatment Systems